Criminal Defense

What can a private investigator actually do for Defense Attorneys?

Attorneys, Paralegals, and Law Case Managers want to know what we can do for them. At David Ferrante & Associates we focus primarily in the field of Criminal Defense in Sarasota Florida specifically for  criminal defense attorneys. Although other investigations are within our repertoire, most of these cases the defendant is indigent for costs of our services.

Attorney: “The JAC process is tedious. I don’t want to spend a bunch of time on that.”

No problem. We will do most of the leg work for you. The Justice Administration Commission (JAC) regulates funding for individuals who have been deemed unable to pay for certain areas of their criminal defense. This includes Private Investigators, Experts, and other Specialists. Indigent For Cost (IFC) cases are a little more involved. IFC cases are cases where the client or family member pays a private attorney, but the client is still deemed indigent and will likely qualify for the financial services of JAC for private investigators. As an attorney if you are unfamiliar with the Florida Justice Administration Commission (JAC) process for investigators, visit to learn more or simply allow David Ferrante and his Associates to prepare the forms for your indigent or partially indigent clients.

Attorney: “How much are your services?”

We work for the provided JAC rate. No out-of-pocket costs for you. In the event, you have special projects, witness locates, or non- JAC cases, as a VALUED attorney, you will get a deeply discounted rate that we will agree upon in advance.

Attorney: “Why should I hire you?”

Great question. My job is to investigate, everything! The case, the people involved, to locate witnesses, and to provide you with numerous points of contention. Uncovering questions and the truth so YOU don’t get ambushed in court.

Still unsure of the benefits of hiring us alongside your attorney? Check out our deep dive article Why You Should COnsider Hiring a Private Investigator Alongside an Attorney where Attorney Kevin Adams states his case.

I’m here to watch your back and to give you ammo to win!

Prior to beginning any case, Investigator Ferrante will meet with the attorney, office manager or paralegal assigned to the case to determine the areas of focus and concentration. Once the guidelines have been established, there are six fundamental steps that are taken to thoroughly investigate for the criminal defense in Sarasota Florida.

6 Stages to Our Criminal Defense Investigation in Sarasota Florida

1.) Investigator’s Case Review and Analysis

  1. to uncover leads
  2. to begin to ask questions of the LEO’s report(s)
  3. identify opportunities
  4. why were actions taken and what was missed?
  5. Going line by line through the discovery to raise possible flaws

2.) Defendant Interview

  1. Kovel Privilege – investigator is an agent of the attorney (CPAs & Financial Advisors too)
  2. His/her version of the facts
  3. She/he may be able to answer some questions from the case information – not all but some
  4. More leads may develop
  5. Document the interview, but it is privileged information

3.) Crime Scene

  1. Study and understand it – don’t rush through it
  2. Document it, completely
  3. Compare it to case information and to the defendant’s statements
  4. Beginning to answer more questions and to develop more leads to be answered in the next steps of the investigation
  5. Canvass, canvass, canvass!

4.) Background Investigation – not just the defendant, but the accuser or even the LEOs

  1. What’s in play here? Much more than a computer search.
  2. Victim’s reputation in the community? Where do they work and play?
  3. Does this person I’m investigating enjoy a reputation for honesty? – word of mouth
  4. If they weren’t honest, get an example, get the story
  5. Anybody else in play
  6. Who is credible, trustworthy, reliable, etc?

5.) Witness Interview

  1. Obtain factual information
  2. Document the interview
  3. Witnesses often lead to more witnesses
  4. Confirm witness address, phone numbers, social media info – they may be needed later

6.) Report of Investigation

  1. The greatest investigator can blow it by not writing a clear, concise, and complete report
  2. The attorney is our client. The attorney gets all the information so she/he is not ambushed in the courtroom later
  3. Highlight the key points of emphasis to the attorney directly, but provide a complete report following the fundamental steps of the investigation and the report will be extremely valuable for the defense.

Investigator David Ferrante & Associates will not attempt to define what is Reasonable Doubt but provide ample opportunities for the attorney to determine what is delivered to the jury or the judge.

We are the purveyor of facts and a TRUTH ADVOCATE.

Why should you hire us for your criminal defense needs?

Ferrante Legal Investigations is a certified member of Florida Associate of Licensed Investigators and provider of criminal defense in Sarasota Florida. With over 20 years of investigative experience, our private investigators have worked alongside attorneys on countless defense investigations and truly know what information would be beneficial for your case. We not only provide services that help including background checks, digital surveillance and skip tracing, but we can even assist in death penalty and capital case mitigation. We will also remain available to testify our findings on your behalf.

Request a free consultation to discuss your options as well as provide you with valuable information that you can use to help you make an informed decision of whether or not an investigation is necessary. Not in our area? You can now get the highest caliber Criminal Defense Investigator remotely available through our premiere Virtual Private Investigator without all the exorbitant costs of a typical investigator.