Positive insight on how hiring a Private Investigator can help you!

Silence is Golden

First and foremost, utilize your right to remain silent. Simply answer questions about your identity, but do not elaborate about where you started your journey or where your destination is. That is your business and not the business of the police. You must assume that your words are being recorded, so remember that everything you say can be used against you. Certainly, do not comment about the alleged traffic stop violation or if you feel compelled to say something in your own defense, simply deny it.

Consent to Search

If you have read any other article that I’ve put out, this answer is obvious. NEVER GIVE CONSENT. Simply comply with the police. Compliance is not consent. If they do not have probable cause to search your vehicle without a warrant, don’t help them. Refuse consent, be polite and professional. We will help you fight the good fight later.

To Sign or Not to Sign the Citation

Short answer is just sign the ticket if the officer wants your signature. It’s not an admission of guilt. You can fight the charge(s) in court later but in some situations by refusing to sign the ticket, you will give the police a reason to arrest you, and then they can search your car in a “Search Incident to Arrest” and that is not beneficial to your circumstances.

Arrested after Traffic Stop

Don’t argue, don’t resist, and certainly don’t bad mouth. Remember, you’re probably on video. We want the ordinary observer that will be watching this later to see that the officer could not provoke you into bad behavior. Once the police arrest you, ask for an attorney immediately and well before they read you the Miranda warnings. If the police begin to question you after you’ve asked for an attorney, they are wrong, and this will help you later, but remember that silence is golden when it comes to answering the police officer’s questions. Trust me, their questions are intended for you to incriminate yourself.

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