Positive insight on how hiring a Private Investigator can help you!

Got Arrested? Accused of Wrongdoing? Need Help?

Attorney Kevin Adams in Oklahoma said it best, “Having a good Investigator on your case can do more benefit than having a good lawyer.” 

He details his opinion in this YouTube Video

He explained that quite often, the police will land on a suspect, build their entire case around that particular suspect, and then ignore any and all evidence to the contrary. 

That is where we come in as expert investigators. Having prior law enforcement experience and being capable of investigating the case, is absolutely essential. All the possible alternatives are in-play and reviewing law enforcement policy to police-the-police is much easier to do by former and retired police officers that are now in this business. We know their shortcuts and can often decipher their report catch-phrases. Also common is that video and audio evidence is never provided. If it does not benefit the prosecution’s case, they simply ignore it. In fact, not disclosing all evidence, even if it hurts the prosecution and the police officer’s case, violates case law, Brady v. Maryland. 

{Brady v. Maryland, 373 U.S. 83, was a landmark United States Supreme Court case that established that the prosecution must turn over all evidence that might exonerate the defendant to the defense. The prosecution failed to do so for Brady, and he was convicted.}

As a matter of standard investigation practices, all evidence and potential evidence is reviewed. As a person being accused of a crime, why would you entrust your freedom to anyone that is not willing to stick their necks out for you? The attorney can investigate her own case, but will she pull the background records of cops? Will she knock on doors to find witnesses? Will she take statements in the field and track down character witnesses too? You have to consider a private investigator or a legal investigator with law enforcement experience before hiring an attorney. In many cases, your attorney rates go way down because your case has an investigator and the evidence has been gift wrapped for your attorney. 

When it comes to defending yourself from a criminal charge or any accusation in the legal system, you need an investigator and an attorney. We can help with both. 

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– Legal Investigator David Ferrante